This is a pretty basic song I wrote for a battle of the bands at my school. Band broke up before the battle so it was never used, decided to put it on here.
hey thats actually a cool song you got there!
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man, that is a good song, can i have the tab for it???hhaah please, that would be cool, this song is VERY trivium-ish, not a bad thing at all its better than i can do
Well that was pretty sweet. The chorus and verse got kinda boring after a while. There should be some variation the second time around, for both of them. The first solo was alright, the dual solo was meh, but the prechorus one was pretty sweet. The outro should be a little more epic. Right before bar 144, have a drum roll or something, like you did for the other parts. And a fadeout ending would sound kind of cool. eh 7/10.

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Pretty good song, I like how you took the main riff and changed the pitch toward the end/outro of the song, except then you just went to a chord and stopped it instead of making the outro fade out or reach a conclusion. Solos went pretty well, the harmonizing on them was good. Overall I liked it.

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wow, i loved it. the intro melody was cool, but i didn't like the start, with the continual C

i liked the first solo, but i think some speed would help it along.
absolutely LOVED the short pre-chorus solo

i don't think you should end on the chord, just let it fade out.
overall, 7.5/10

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