Can someone post some easy, simple chord progessions or give me a website
that has some beginner ones.

That would really help

thank you
You can use the "Iron Maiden" progression, pretty simple: E - C - D

You can use either power chords on all three, or use an E minor, C major, and Dmajor progression (spice it up a bit)

Its a start, thats pretty much as basic as it comes, I'm sure others will have more advanced ideas
First, learn to play bar chords.

Learn your chords and how to modify them first, then get a real book and learn a whole heap of jazz standards. You'll pick up a whole heap of great progressions that you can use.

But first, learn your chords. Get your Majors, minors, Dominant 7ths, Major 7ths, 9ths, 13ths, Augmented, Diminished and Half-diminisheds down, just as bar chords at first, and go through your real book and look at a whole heap of songs.

Then work out some alternate voicings, so on, so forth.
How may The National D help you waste your time?
whats the f# there for.... sounds a bit outta place.
try this
dm7, gmaj, c major, fmaj7
1 3 0 0
1 3 1 1
2 0 0 2
0 0 2 3
x 2 3 0
x 3 x x

also national d, he's asking for chord progressions.... do u think he'll have any idea what u just said?

to original poster learn the harmonized major scale then make up ur own chord progressions.

where to learn? right here. search in the MT forum.
Quote by cellomaster
whats the f# there for.... sounds a bit outta place.

I think he was saying that the second chord is a Dsus4/F# ... as in a Dsus4 with an F# bass note.

Anyway, chord progressions:

Am, G, F, G, Am <-- Bob Dylan - All Along the Watchtower

E, A, D, A <-- Neill Diamond - Cherry, Cherry ... along with 1000 other songs

G, D, C, D <-- Nothing that I can think of right now.

Matchbox 20 - 3AM:
G, Cadd9, G, Cadd9
D, Cadd9, G, Cadd9, G, Cadd9
G, D, Cadd9, D

Widespread Panic - Tallboy:
D, C
D, F, C, F, C
E7#9 - G - A <------------------Purple Haze

Effing marvellous.
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Anything I - IV - V or ii - V - I... you're really advised to learn those standards before you delve any deeper.

Then you might try something like I - IM7 - I7 - IVM7 - iv - I - I7 - IV - III - vi - ivm7 - I (Think Joe Cocker).. and progress from there.