A) "sended" is not a word
B) and i dont know what that thing he did was in the begining,
C) the self chorusing is far less than great

Now positive , the solos were cleanly played sounded pretty good

Dont let that guy colab with you again, he ruined what you probably could have made a really good song without the vocals
hahaha i know dude, the thing is that, this guy is from another forum (jam session) and he always gets praise for his vocals and stuff, and i didnt really like them so much, so i though it might be the friendship they have that causes people to be so good with him, now that i posted that here, i know whats the truth!!
Thnaks for the comments on the solos, those were mine!!
Great job on the solos. I agree, the vocals weren't good, but you're not at fault for that. Keep them coming NunoSlash, you've been putting out a lot of great stuff.
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lol he totally butchered those vocals. you nailed the solos though, great job on them.

LOL. That 'Oh Yeah' at like 56 seconds sounds terrible. Well Vocals are not great but the solos kick ass. I was trying to learn this song. Nice job

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