Hey guys. I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half, and I've got an Epiphone SG 310 and a Roland Cube 30 (plus a crybaby wah). I'm considering getting a new guitar. At first I wanted to get an acoustic, but then I saw this guitar in the flyer, and really wanted it. I'm posting this to see what you guys think of this guitar, from experience and what not, and what you'd recommend. My tastes are pretty much classic rock, mainly pink floyd and hendrix, and I'm starting to get into SRV and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Here's what the flyer says about it:

"This special version of the Standard Strat has several key features: overwound high-output Tex Mex Strat pickups (the same as on the Jimmie Vaughan Strat), a distinctive Blizzard Pearl finish, engraved 60th Anniversary neck plate, and a special anniversary gig bag

MSL $899 (Canadian BTW)

Price: $679"

I haven't tried it out yet (cant tonight either, with sunday shopping and all). Anyways, what do you guys think of it, as a guitar, and the price ($679)?
i played this guitar at a store and i liked it alot! To me it had a fast neck and very nice and comfortable to play.
Good price too for a real fender. (Its 500$ american)
Well it's pretty much just the regular Standard with nicer pickups and all that 60th marketing stuff smacked on it.

You could totally knock off $100 of that (go in the store and say you're from <another Canadian city> and tell them that your usual local Fender dealer offered you $560, what can *you* do for me?")

That's what I did last time I bought a guitar and I got $300 knocked off ^_^.
i like my standard strat. . .

i give rosewood a +1

and get a real fender hardcase. . .
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