youve got some timing issues and extra notes in the lead guitar, and ur not letting some of the notes ring like they should but you look pretty young, not bad for being guessing 14.......but your canadian so ill give you a break either way...
its ok but ur not playing the right things at the right time all record it 1 day and send it to u
Isn't too bad. Couple of timing issues. The intro solo just sounded like it was straight improvised. Overall, not too bad.
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Both solo's were improvisation. I am 16, and I realize there is timing issues, and dead notes.
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Sounds pretty good. The bass sounds weird. The vocals were good, except for the part where you screamed, you sounded like Elmo.
Yeah, the timing was quite terrible. And the improv solo was a bit wierd and I didnt feel like it fit the mood of the song very well. Id rerecord it if I were you