I wouldnt. go and get you some guitar polish, cuz idk how Armor All would react to the paint on ur guitar.
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dude thats for cars....
just buy some guitar polish/cleaner its like 3 bucks.
if youre cleaning your neck use a little soapy water, steel wool, and then put lemon oil on it when youre done.
It is incredibly oily and would **** the finish up, not to mention not wanting to touch the guitar because it feels like a teenage boy rubbed his face all over it.
it says its for plastic and vinal and stuff...not wood...use guitar polish lol
DO NOT use Armor All.

Armor All products are harsh and work by eating away a bit of the material that it is supposed to protect. Once the shine wears off in a few weeks, the material will look worse than before, prompting you to buy and use more Armor All.

If you want to clean your guitar, get any of those sold by music stores. I bought the Dunlop $20 package with polish, wax, string lube, fretboard cleaner, and fretboard oil. The polish cleans the finish without scratching it, and the wax is a carnauba wax which is not only gentle but also protects the finish from grease, oil, and acid. I think just the polish and wax is about $10.
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Reez I wouldn't use Protectant. But ArmorAll has a large line of products. It is for cars and I wouldn't use it for continued use, However ArmorAll has a citrus Degreaser I used in a pinch and never saw any negative effects. It's a degreaser so it's not oily, it's quite the opposite and many guitar cleaning products already use citrus (lemon or orange usually) which is an acid and will eventually eat away at any finish if it's not wiped off properly.

Like I said IN A PINCH it's fine but if you're already out buying it you are still better off hitting up your local music shop.

To be perfectly honest though, there are many ways to clean your guitar with household items that are really good for the guitar and cheaper. Unfortunately the world of music is also stricken by commercialism and many cleaning products are out there to promote the idea that those are the only way to clean your instrument with out killing it and trick you into buying them. you could go to Home Hardware or Rona and buy the same thing they sell in smaller bottle with a picture of a fret board on it.