Im looking for pickups for my ebony epiphone g400 sg. I play basically everything through a cheap 20 watt combo. I have been looking at EMGs, Seymour Duncans, and Dimarzios. Id just like to know what brand and what model to get.
Price Range? Type of sound you want?

Also, a new amp would probably make more of a difference to your sound than some new pickups
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up to 200 for pickups looking for a good distorted metal sound. Im looking into getting either a crate 120 watt or a fender frontman 100 watt combo.
dont get either man, wattage practically means nothing, and their both solid state amps I believe, why dont u save for a tube combo, that will be better then buying pups and a **** amp..

good amp>good guitar..amp is far more important tone wise..
it would change your sound a lot more if you got a new amp instead of pickups
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Yea man, X-Mas is coming up soon. I would save that two hundred you have and ask for a little extra and get a nice tube combo, maybe used a peavy 5150 or XXX or ebay? You can usually find those for pretty cheap.
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are valveking's good amps? my friend has the valveking stack and ive played it a couple of times and i reely like the distortion and sound but would it be better to get the 1X12 or the 2X12 or just a different tube combo?
Yea VK's are nice, if you like the tone you could get that with the 2x12. I would get the 2x12 myself, but there is nothing wrong with the 1x12. The XXX/5150 is probably better suited for a metal tone, but if you like the VK then go for that.
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ive also been checking out a fender hot rod deluxe and a marshall avt275. Would the VK be better than those two for rythmn in a metal band?
Yes. Besides, you said you liked the tone on it. Might as well get something you know you like, right?
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