Ok so I have a Randall G2 250watt amp head going through a Behringer 400watt 4X12 cab. I have a problem. I played it for about a hour with no problems at all. Cut it off and waited a hour break and then went to play it again. Now suddenly when I cut it on it makes a high-pitched whine noise and playing only makes it worse. You can barely hear what I'm playing under the noise and I'm not sure if the problem is the amp or the cab and how to fix it. This is my 2nd half stack that I've owned so I'm new to what kinda problems they can have. Anyone that can help it will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Turn your gain down some.

+1. I had troubles playing the Randall stack without getting it to feedback. That, and the lead they provided was only 8 feet.
No this is an actual problem guys. This sound isn't feedback. This sound is more like a ground wire has came loose or something like that. I'm not sure. This is more of a buzzing noise rather than feedback. I'm not playing with the gain that high anyways so I know that isn't the problem.
put the master volume on full and use the channel volume, anytime you have high gain on the randall g2's and you have channel higher then master it squeals