I'm looking for a guitar beetween 600-1000

I play rock, classic rock and a bit of metal.

Not a Les Paul.

Needs to be conforbal when playing standing up.
Schecter!!! Plays everything amazingly (though metal sounds great on them, they have the creamyest clean sound) and they are amazing quality. Go w/ the tempest or the C-1 elite or C-1SH (semi-hollow). They would be your best bet for that kind of range.
Strat with humbucker in bridge...?
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Yes, a Fat Strat would be a great choice. Maybe a modded Strat, or an Ibanez or something. Schecter's are awesome, for sure. Give them a try. Don't get a Gibson. They're terrible in regards to bang for the buck, and at your budget, only a choice few of their guitars are even affordable. Fender is MAJOR bang for the buck. But if you're not into blues, ska, whatever, if you're mostly into stuff that has atleast a bit of distortion/overdrive, go for the Schecter. I personally hate their necks, though...
for god sake how many times do i have to tell people this...schecter, esp, or a PRS...try getting one at a store thats sitting out, cuz you canprobably knock like $100 or so off...i got my schecter c-1+ for like 490 instead of 550
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threadstarter, colours of the C-1 elite, Amber (gold hardware), black or white. And do look at those cause they are great guitars.
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