okay, i've been playing guitar for about 4 years, then took a little break to play the drums, and now i'm back at the guitar. anyway i'm having trouble learning soloing techniques with all of the online theory crap...are there any "shortcuts" to becoming better at soloing or am i going to have to go through the theory stuff? i mean i can pinch harmonic and speed pic and do a couple of scales, i can almost do 1 sweep but thats about it...anyways, thanks...
if there were shortcuts, we would all be great
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there may be shortcuts, but on the long run its definitely better if you dont take them.
a sweep is basically where you strum the strings like you're playing a chord but, instead of holding a chord with your left hand, you kind of roll your fingers along one note at a time in order for this "chord" to not sound dissonant when played with distortion and just for a cool arpeggio kind of a sound.
There is a video lesson on Ultimate-Guitar.com focused on sweep picking. Strongly recommended if you want to learn about the technique.
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There are no shortcuts.

Take a look in the lessons section. There's some good lessons on musical theory in there. Especially by Slash_pwns.
are you joking me? guitar is one of those things that yields what you put into it, if you want to be a great player, you have to do your homework, cmon now, that's silly.
Great guitarists didnt get there by shortcuts.
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