from the Wikipedia article on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel.
In March 2006, it was reported that the new Guns N' Roses will put a cover of the Faith No More song "Be Aggressive" for inclusion on the movies soundtrack.

there is no citation listed, so i'm hoping this is not true. GnR WERE great, but the band i knew no longer exist.
anywho, does anyone know if there's any truth to the rumour?

i really do not want to hear Axl n Friends cover anything by Faith No More; not just because FNM are great & AnF (Axl n Friends, keep up) aren't, but i cant imagine Axl doing a good job of it. i just cant.
godd i hope not. i like the new gnr ****. but its not gnr. and even with the old band they wouldnt be able to pull it off because NONE can replicate mike patton. it just aint happenin.
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I don't think anyone would be able to successfully cover Patton. But I don't know that song itself, maybe that would work.