Does changing the preamp tubes or even poweramp tubes in tour amp change the sound considerably, or is it mainly in the circuitry(sp?) I was just kinda wondering and if so what tubes are good for which styles of music. thanks.
Tubes usually give off some kind of 'sonic' personality like:
6l6's: Fenders
EL34's: Marshalls
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If u are going to do that, you need to re bias the amp. check it on google.
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so can you put el34s in a fender or 6l6's in a marshall? or will this not work, and what about pre-amp tubes?

Often, yes. It depends on how the amp is wired and if you can rebias. EL34's need pin 1 grounded, and 6l6's don't, so often that causes a conflict. And then also your power transformer may not be able to handle the higher heater current required by EL34's.
A tech could easily mod this for you.

Once of the easiest tube changes is between different 12a*7. For example a 12ax7 can be replaced with a 12ay7 for less gain in that position.

Don't just go swapping any tube though, you can really mess up your amp.

Among different brands, yes, there are sonic differences.
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