I bought a Fender Standard Stratocaster brand new at my local store, and there is a couple problems im having with 2 of my strings.
1. The G-string. When ever I pluck it, I get this high pitched ringy sound coming from right above the cappo.
2. The high E-string. When ever I pluck it, I get like a rattle sound coming right from the bridge.

i recorded the sounds so you guys could have a better understanding

Any one know how to fix it?
try switching string gauges,
also take a look at the strings see if theyre down low enough to touch the pickups cause that creates a buzzing ringing noise also
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check ur nut, same thing happend to one of mine, the nut slits were cut too deep. try raising your action a bit if you can on that side. other than that, try goin dont the neck seeing where the buzzing starts or ends, it may be a bump or sumthin on one of ur frets
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None of you really sound like you know too much about guitars. The ringing on your G string could be many things, and the noise on the E string is fret buzz. If I were you I would take it in for a full setup because that way you dont have to deal with neck bow, nut cutting, and screwing up your intonation.
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