I played a gig about a month ago, and went about asking friends for feedback. I'm the vocalist/lead guitarist. The thing they all told me was that there was not enough vocals, and that the guitar solos seemed to take over. So I was wondering, should the Vocalist dominate over the whole band? Or are we alright with doing less vocals and more instrumental work?
hard to say,
depends what kind of music you are and whatnot, but usually vocals should be able to cut through the mix a tad more than everything else, just because its the story telling and its what people concentrate on the most.
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my band is more bluesy, phycadellic-rock with a hint of jazz improv. its almost all just jam improv. but we are working on some set songs, and they have just a verse or two of vocals, not much. it all depends on the music you are playing.
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gennerally in any popular style of music vocals should take the lead role, because they usually provide the main melody, and thats what people are acoustomed to. But really theresno right or wrong way to do it, if your more of an instrumental band then you should focus on being the best instrumental band you can be and not worry about it.
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Cheers for the replies, well I'm in a metal band, and we played For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica and they thought that it wasn't enough vocals in that either. We just like to keep it to the standard verse/chorus, and the bridge all solos. But in the metal type of genre, Wouldn't the instruments be focused on more?
You gotta think Drums and Bass is your foundation without a strong foundation your music will collapse. Guitar and vocals are just the fluff on top of that people like fluff hence like vocals as its something they can attach to and sing along with
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i think a lot of ppl are used to the mainstream music stuff which is mixed slightly differently ie vocals are coming through a lot more, whereas listening to a lot of metal you get the sense that the vocals are more complimentary - it's what your used to. i know a lot of ppl who listen to a lot of rap, and they can't udnerstand a single word in a metallica song because they're used to teh lyrics being spoon fed instead of being presented as part of the muscal package.

at the same time i think vocals should be given more importance in a lot of metal. was listening to children of bodom and thought there guitar work was really impressive and melodic but i had to drown out the vocals cause they were horrid.
I just have pick on you for saying mainstream because mainstream music could be any style of music. It's just what's popular at the time.

As for mixing, the vocals should usually be above everything else, since usually they are carying the melody, however if they arent carrying the melody and are doing something else, thant hey should be mixed lower, whatever the melody is should cut through the mix simple as that.
All right, I'm pretty sure the guy isn't talking about mixing. I'm thinking he's talking more about his songs are too much instrument, with little vocals period, not they aren't cutting throuhg, just he isnt' singing them... IN most music, especially when people go to shows they wnat to be able to sing along, because unless they play guitar, they really aren't gonna be that interested in you playing lots of guitar. It's not something you should compromise, but if you want to get big or whatever, you have to give them something to sing along too. I mean, a good solo here and there are all good, but if you're playing songs where 50 percent of the song is instrumental you're probably going to lose your audience.
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