I love listening to Lamb of God and Fear Factory. I have been playing for nearly two years and can play fairly fast. However, I have lots of trouble with 16th notes, so much in fact I can't play them and full speed. Also, I love Fear Factory but their riffs are so fast at times. How do you practice machine gunning and 16th notes effectively? Help me please!!!!
im supposing ur talking about guitar and not bass drums like ff is known for. it takes a while, use a lot of practice, scales help....ah ****, scales dont do **** for me, just practice crazy intros like cemetery gates, call of ktulu. alhtough you may suck at them, its ok just get practicing with them until you can play them faster and faster, after that just try som trem. picking maybe. by this time your wrist should be loose and ready to fly! although i hate to say it along with the cliche, but practice makes perfect.
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16th notes aren't necessarily fast. Neither are 32nds or 64ths. It all depends on the tempo of the song. If you have 16th notes at q=50, it sounds like a crawl. Just pointing that out.

...and yeah, use a metronome.
choose a scale to work with (that only spans 4 frets since were practicing speed)

find your cruise speed on your metronome (itll seem slow, but thats the point)

go up and down the scale in halves twice, then do it 2 times in 1/4, then 2 times in 8ths, then 2 times in 16ths.

then do the opposite.... twice in 16ths, 8ths, 1/4s, 1/2s....

then, start mixing it up a bit more... once in 1/2, twice in 1/8, twice in 1/4, thrice in 1/16, etc... or go up the scale in 1/2 and down in 1/8...

practice going in small bursts

also, make sure that the joints of the 2 fingers you hold your pick with dont move. the wrist does the motion.

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move yer hand faster DUH...... j/k man i wasn't really trying to be an ass, but seriously tho, realize you have to minimize the movement of your pick hand, if you're picking too wide of a spread it's gonna take it that much longer to bring it back up, there should be VERY minimal movement and tension, my hand personally tenses up a bit when i "machine gun" but thats cuz im hit the string really hard and i like the sound of my strings getting the crap knocked outta them (i'm notorious for destroying .70's gauge low E's)
u destroy your low E?

mine could survive a nuke >_>
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I've read that you need to keep your wrist straight and move your entire forearm when "machine gunning".
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bad idea. the muscles in your forearm arent "speed muscles" (the real name escapes me)... so they would just end up working against each other and tearing up (trust me, tearing muscles HURTS and doesn heal very well/fast if at all)
"A one that is not cold is barely a one at all!"
yeah im w/ ^ , whoever said that (to use yer forearm and not wrist) is a moron imo and prolly doesn't really "machine gun" i PROMISE you that using your wrist you'll get amazing results as opposed to using your forearm, also you might pull muscles trying to machine gun, besides if yer palm muting how are you going to use yer forearm? the only motion i can get when properly palm muting is out of my wrist. and yesi am VERY notorious for destroying low E's, i'll typically go through about 1 a week sometimes more, i usually buy about 10-12 low E strings per actual pack of strings that i replace (typically every 2-3 months) what type of strings do you use SCL1? do they make .70 gauge? and are you beating the ever loving crap out of it when you play?
im actually quite gentle on my strings (save for the trem... im notorious for having to change the strings on it every time i play that guitar)...

on my usual guitar (without trem) i use extra-light D'Addario strings (not quite sure of the exact guage)... but i also use a .38 dunlop pick (u can literally fold it in half and it wont break, itll just pop back to shape)...

my BIG problem with strings, is that the ammount of bends/vibratos i do shred the finish off of the neck, so the underside of my strings are covered in black gunk... and rust very fast because my hands sweat alot (my hand's temp. rises to the point that they become all red with veins popin out all the way to the tips of my fingers)...
"A one that is not cold is barely a one at all!"
^ i know whatcha mean, my veins pop out of the top/back of my hand when i start getting down, my hands sweat alot too (gorilla snot is a life saver!!!) i don't know which gauge pick i use just that they are dunlop tortex purples, they generally give me the best sound, they usually only last about 3 hours tho before i wear the point down to a rounded nub. also thicker gauge sttrings, i think my sets are the Zakk wylde GHS boomers .70 - .11 , those rock, the thicker high strings let you bend the hell outta them without worrying about them snapping, fresh strings (once they get tuned in) i can bend about 2 full steps. you might want to see if there is some kind of protective coating to put on yer fretboard cuz i press pretty hard (you have to on strings that thick) and it doesn't wear on the fretboard, also if you lower yer action you won't have to press so hard (though you prolly already know that) but as for machine gunning, yes, wrist and until yer hand gets strong you shouldn't have much tension in yer wrist cuz in the beginning it will mess you up and make you a likely canditate for carpal tunnel at an early age.
Thanks for calling me a moron after contributing the advice a website gave me, you fucking idiot. It's called a discussion. The correct reply to my statement would be "actually, that's a bad idea, and probably won't be as effective.
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if ur going to play some american idiot stuff heres the settings:

Master Volume : 0
i dunno about the rest
i didnt insult you, i said it was a bad idea gave a good reason for it. just because some 1 misinterprets the tone of voice i say that kind of stuff with, doesnt mean that I should be insulted by you.

secondly, remember that not everything you read on the internet is true and/or right or educated. Just because some site says you should "machine gun" like that, doesnt mean its more valid than the advice of some stranger on a guitar forum.

I'm here to talk with fellow guitarists. Not argue with them.

I have my own interests, opinions and beliefs, but when i reply to posts (like yours) in the manner i did, its so you dont end up (in this case) dammaging your muscles and impede on your ability to play/work/live to the fullest extent.
"A one that is not cold is barely a one at all!"
actually i said using your forearm was moronic and i stick by that, i however wasn't call ing the poster a moron, just the source of their information, and i am with SCL1, i don't come here and just make crap up, if i know an answer that seems valid and applicable i'll post it, if i don't i just move on (and often come back to see if someone did post an answer) as far as machine gunning goes, honestly i mean, do whatever you wanna do, i know how to machine gun properly "like a tightly oiled machine" (is what a friend of mine referred to me as last night) and you simply won't get that from using yer forearm, i've given you the best advice i know available