I am planning on getting a new guitar. This is going to be my second guitar, my first was a peaver raptor. I dont have alot of money and i need some advise on what to get. It needs to have 22/24 frets, flat fingerboard, and a tremolo bridge (double locking would be nice).

I was thinking the Peavey predator or the Jackson JS20 Dinky, but i'm open to other ideas, It just has to be around 200-250 dollars.

So what do you guys think??
do you like to change tunings? how good is your patience? what amp do you use? what music do you play?

hmmm dont know if there are that many good guitars with good double locking trems for that low price
Ibanez might be a good choice, or a schecter.
Behringerv-tone(first guitar)
Epiphone les paul standard plus (cherry burst)
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Marshall G15R CD
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I like Epi LP's. You got a problem, PM me!