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HC are accurate
6 55%
HC arnt accurate
2 18%
There are better reviews than HC
5 45%
There are no better reviews than on HC
2 18%
Voters: 11.
How accurate are the reviews on this website?

Are there more accurate reviews on the internet somewhere?
The Harmony-Central reviews are about 10000000 times more accurate, give or take a few zeros.
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Yea HC is a VERY good site to get info on gear you're looking into!
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Far better than the reviews on UG thats for sure. Who rates a spider II a ten?
When looking at the reviews, skip over all the positives and read only the negatives. When you're reading a review, you're seeing if there's anything wrong with the product, as you assumably know all the good points from having had tested it in the store.
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I really like reviews from Music123, but HarmonyCentral is just as good.
Damn, I forgot to adjust when I copied from HC to UG, sorry but you get what I mean

Can a mod or someone fix the poll or something?
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It deppends some are and some aren't..... on the whole they are moderately accurate, but you get alot of people who don't know what's good or bad AKA n00bs, who say stuff is great, when it's not. There's definately some better review sites, like mentioned; this site is fairly "This is what I think" not "This is..."
So yeh find another place, this should give a rough idea though...
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HC is way better than UG for reviews. most of the reviews here are ppl who have just got their new amp or guitar and going on about how great it is. it really takes a while to know your gear. but then again HC isn't the most reliable either. I'd say forums are more reliable then both as you get a feel for alternatives as well as ppl's general opinions.
^Yeah, forums are generally better than any reviews, because when people spout rubbish about how good their Spyder or whatever is, other people can point out how they are wrong.
I think HC's reviews are good, especially for finding out bad points to check for on something you're thinking of buying, you also have to bear in mind that a lot of people are reluctant to criticise something they've bought because it would mean admitting they've made a mistake, so I usually tend to ignore the excessively positive reviews in favour of the more balanced ones written by people who've obviously been playing and buying equipment for a number of years. I still wouldn't buy a guitar based solely on reviews though, there is too much variation in quality even between individual examples of a particular guitar.
im sorry but the most accurate review will always be one you do yourself, taking another guys word for it is like telling some one to take a piss for you
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