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i have a minor beer belly almost... not quite just a little buldge
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Nah, I'm skinny as hell, I'm trying to gain weight because people are telling me it's unhealthy.
id say im skinny, but when i put a belt on my stomache hangs over my pants a liittle bit.
skinny as hell.
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i can see it, altough i think im still fat.
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I'm pretty average, actually. I could probably stand to lose about 5-10 pounds.
Uhh... the question says "Do you have a big belly? Can you see your "little monster" when you are standing up and look down?"

Thats 2 questions, the answer to the first one is no, and the second one yes... so which one is the poll for, because I don't wanna accidently say I can't see my little monster.
I meant NO SIR to whether I'm fat or not, but I unknowingly just said that I can't see my privates.

But, no. I'm not fat: 5'11, 130lbs.
I'm average!

And way to make a confusing poll!
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yeah im not fat, but got a bit of a belly recently as ive been away, and havent been to the gym in 6 months. starting to get a little pasty
6ft and 74kg
going to rejoin the gym next week, get myself back iinto shape
not fat, not skinny. just right for my height

although, i do eat a lot i just dont seem to put any on.
Been away, am back
Im thin but i have a fat arse and very little muscle. like a male j lo without the boobs.

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looks at 6-pack ... nah i'm not fat, but according to those BMI calculators i'm underweight :S i feel perfectly healthy...
i use to be.i 5 feet and 163 pounds now im 5foot 4 and 113 pounds.borderline underweight. but i still look bigger cuz when i was fat my bones grew real big now i have a 33 inch chest thats all bone
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I'm not fat.6'4" 185 lbs and I have a six pack!!!I got lucky in that I can eat a lot without getting fat and I can gain muscle easily!!!
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I'm 5 Foot 8
I'm 16 1/2
I weigh just over 9 Stone
I am REALLY skinny even though i work out now and again....
I dunno.
I'm 5'8" and wiegh 145 pounds. You decide.
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'although, i do eat a lot i just dont seem to put any on.' dude, i thought that, then one day i thought, 'whoa i gotta loose some weight' so i did, despite that im still, well pasty.
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Very thin (Maybe cause i'm asian). 22 yr old and weight 132 lbs.
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I play loads of football so my legs are completely muscle but my upper body is just fat.. its kinda weird actually. yer im 5'11 and weigh 13 stone, not sure what that is in pounds.
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I play loads of football so my legs are completely muscle but my upper body is just fat.. its kinda weird actually. yer im 5'11 and weigh 13 stone, not sure what that is in pounds.

me 2.im wide reciever and run faster than everyone on my team.but my upper boddy is fat other than my chest and upper abs.i just cant seem to get lower abs.
No i'm skinny and never gain weight, i eating fast food and are still skinny. that's heaven.
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Well I have a spare tire that I'm working on getting rid of, but I'm not particularly fat. I actually look sort of bulky from the front but from the side I'm pretty skinny. I'm like a door lol. I'm also trying to get rid of these minor man boobs I got with some good well rounded pec workouts. Decline, flat, and incline presses/flies. Starting to see good results. Not eating as much, and drinking lots of water to.
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I'm not fat. And thats sickening that 1 in 3 people on here are so fat they can't even see their groin.

I can understand how people find it hard to lose weight once they are fat... but how do you get yourself to that point? You don't just wake up one morning and think "holy ****, all of a sudden I'm 18 stone! How did that happen". You kinda notice, personally if I ever hit 12/13 stone I'd freak out. Sorry if I've offended anyone, but really.
damn it i didn't read the question right and went for the wrong answer i'm super skinny almost under weight
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im one of those people who isnt thin, but isnt really fat either. And i have big boobies.
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