well it is pretty late for another canon cover,,
that's why i did it first just for few of my friends
but i would really like suggestions on the sweeping T.T
heres the link


p.s. sorry for the facial expressions as well,, i dont know why i do that ^-^
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the drums in the background almost made it sound like you were faking it to the song. but it was pretty kick ass.
Here's a suggestion on the sweeping

If you don't know how to sweep, don't play the sweeping part <_<

There's plenty of tutorials on UG for how to sweep.
It wasn't bad. Pretty sloppy towards the end. You missed a couple of bends, but hit the other ones nice. Overall pretty good, just work on that sweep and a few other rough spots.
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Overall I'd say 7/10
Your chops need some work, especially sweeping, but practice at it and you'll be shredding in no time.

P.S. the facial expressions peered deep into my soul. At first I was aroused, then scared, then disgusted. Funny how that happened.
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... ah, the bliss of ignorience!
haha im sorry 5150,,

and thanks everybody,, ill definately work harder on sweeping ^-^

o and i play almost 2 years? close to