There is a thread on them actually.

Anyways, the new album should be out by next year, around April.

They're a good band. One of my favourite power metal band.

All of their albums are great, filled with catchy ass songs.
Nobody writes a better ballad than these guys
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wolf and the raven will always have a place on my playlist. they have some gay lyrics, but hey, it is power metal. in power metal gay is straight and straight, well, straight is not power metal.
A friend of mine burned me 3 of their albums, and I thought they were pretty killer. My favourite would have to be Silence. One of the things I love is the vocals; though I suppose they are pretty run of the mill power metal vocals, they are so beautifully executed.
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don't forget the sonata arctica video game

What video game do you speak of?

They're pretty good, I like their cover of "I want out".
Ugh, just too cheesy. They are practically emo-power metal, if such an abomination can exist. Good guitarist, but that's the only good thing in the band.
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HOT DAMN! I love me some MMO's.

Wolf and Raven is a great song, as is The Power of One and others. Silence is one of my personal favorites.
Mhh, there seems to be a thread popping up about them every other week. Great band anyways, excellent live, excellent on album, one of the best power metal bands out there. And they keep getting better IMO, unlike e.g. Blind Guardian or Stratovarius.
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Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
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Nobody writes a better ballad than these guys

Savatage do.
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