I recently picked up a Songbird model 100 acoustic for 400$. Solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, maple neck, beautiful floral patterns cut into the side, it sounds great and I love it. But I've tried searching for any kind of information regarding the company, and this is the only thing I could find, posted as a HC review:

This is a little history on the Songbird guitars. They were originally made overseas for the Story and Clark Piano Company in Cranberry Pennsylvania, around 1996. Most were spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, abalone inlay. The company was then sold to Bingly (sp?.) Distributing in Canada where they are still being sold, only manufactured now in China. Very few are being brought into the states because there is a stiff tarriff on each instrument, which makes it not worth importing. Ed Keifer was the designer and is still at Story and Clark Piano Co. Nice overall instruments, Not sure about the quality of the new ones made in China, since I have never seen one.

So I was just curious as to whether anyone else owned a Songbird guitar or knew anything more about the company, maybe *gasp* a company website or something?
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I have a songbird electric les paul copy that ive never seen anywhere else in stores or online. Its a 12lb guitar, cherry sunburst, with gold Gotoh bridge and tuners and a white pickguard. By my dad and I have played it onstage and had people later mistake it for a gibson. The guitar just says "Songbird" on the head stock. There are no other markers or serial numbers on the guitar. I haven taken the back panels off and there are no markings inside either. Little information is available online. I called the small shop I bought the guitar from and he had told me it was made by a small korean company back in the late 90's that was cranking out affordable but really top notch guitars in an attempt to make a name for themselves but they went under in 2003.

Your story seems more plausible though. I can take some pics of it if you want.
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