I've got a metal song, an acoustic slow song with solo and an acoustic rock song that will blow you away. give em a listen and let me know what u fellow musicians think. i can use the critism. all parts, including drums, are by me. i used "audacity" so the quality isnt that awesome. http://cryptouriah.dmusic.com
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Dude, It sounds like you need better mics. The playing is great, but a little loopy like the parts were mixed by looping a certain section and just keepin it going. Also the breakdown in allocate is killer it has that stoner rock vibe going. If your ever in mississippi give me a shout and we'll jam bro. Keep playin.
thanx man...yea i do need better mics, and better everything. i think if i had a beter place to record it would be way better. thanx for the crit. do u have anything that i can listen to?
that was pretty good. recording quality wasnt bad considering. i listened to 'malice'. i liked the guitar and thought the drum beat was fantastic. you should get a band tho. would sound really fantastic with bass, singing etc... you have the potential to have a great song there

Smexy. =]
If theres anyone in the southern california area that wants to play with me then let me know...check out my songs on http://cryptouriah.dmusic.com and if you like them then contact me...all drums and guitars are by me, so i need some peope to play live with. thanx