Ok, Im looking to buy a new fender, but Im trying to find a Fender with an HSH pickup setup......I would also be interesting for it to have a floyd rose. Now, is there such thing?
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My buddy has a HSH strat so theyre around, but i dont know if theres any with a floyd

Edit: oh and there is definately HSS with floyds and even though u might not beleive it singles sound better in the neck playing cleans than a humbucker imo anyway.
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If you're looking for HSH and a Floyd, you're looking at Ibanez, not Fender.
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Dave Murray of Iron Maiden used to have HSH/Floyd strats.
You could always pick up a HSS and modify the neck pup slot to fit a humbucker.
A showmaster would probably be your best bet
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They have Floyd Rose strats, and I think the body could fit a humbucker in the neck slot, and all you've got to do is get a new pickguard.
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If you're looking for HSH and a Floyd, you're looking at Ibanez, not Fender.

He's right. Look into the high-end RG's and JEMs. JEM's are absolutely amazing in my opinion.
even with the Showmaster, you would need to add the single coil in the mid position