quick noobish question- how do daisy chains work, and does anyone have a diagram to show in simpler form? lol im sorry if this sounds retarded - i can't help it
You mean on a pedal power supply?
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Ill post a picture if i can, currently having uploading difficulties
For now....
It is wired in paralell. .the reason they do this is so that the same voltage passes through all the pedals for effieciency and so that they work since they all need 9v. If it was done in series (in a line after each other) then the voltage would be reduced and the pedals will not work.
but doesn't that mean they run on divided amperes? (lol I don't know how else to say it)
In a parallel circuit all components share the same voltage, but the electrical current isn't the same in all of them, right?
So what's up with that?