when i had guitar lessons my teacher told me to keep all my fingers tucked and my hand hoverd over the strings..as time went by w/out lessons i tended to anchor my pinky to give me more control...

whats the proper way of doing this or is it just preference..

and how is it supposed to be when sitting and standing..??i tend to keep my hands in different postures standing and sitting..whats the better correct way of practicing..??
i anchor my pinky, ive seen a few pros do it like that as well.

but i guess its more about comfortability.
yah..i see alot of good soloist play with fingers anchord..i try to practice both ways..the more i practice both it strarts to be almost the same both ways..just wanted to make sure if one ways right or not..
I have my pinky anchored... And personally, if the sound that comes out of the guitar sounds the same as the way you pluck your guitar without the pinky anchored, then the anchored pinky should be ok.
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A lot of pro guitarists use an anchor. Do whatever feels best.
I usually use the pinky anchor, or sometimes the Eddie Van Halen method of resting the whole hand on the bridge.