I usually hold the pick at an angle to better catch the strings.

So for a long time I've been holding it so the edge of the pick that's closest to the neck is higher that the other edge. Of course, some people do the opposite, the edge closer to the bridge is higher.

I know, everyone has his particular way etc, but still, should I just stick to what I'm doing now, or should I teach myself to change to the other pick-holding style?
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Nice thread. I've held the pick like you for a long time (thumb pad + index finger pad, I just recently (exactly a week before) changed the way I'm holding it to the opposite (thumb pad + index side) and I have to say that the new way works better for me.
But I'd really like to know how the other people are doing it.
^ seconded.

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i notice this in new people playing guitar..like something i would see from a friend who used a pick for years and someone just learning to use a pick. from what i see and do almost all good guitarist play with thumpad + index side..i think its the naturaly more comefortable and economical way of holding the pick..also easier to do fast picknig this way..