Whats the best way to finish off a guitar that you sand down to the wood?
Ive considered tung oil but any other recomendations methods advice? other better finishes?

also is there anything you can do to bring out the grain of the guitar?

thanks guys for the advice!!
you can set a clear coat on it. (clear grain filler, clear coat) then there is also other types of oils like tru oils, and linseed oils. But if your rough on your guitars, they will dent up pretty fast with oils. Another thing you could try is dying the wood a light shade of yellow or orange, that will bring out the grain a bit, and it'll look like the body was tinted orange or yellow or whatever you choose.
well, you have three ways. if you snaded down to wood you can apply a mixture of dye and waer directly to the wood. Or you can also mix the dye into some lacqauer and shoot it through a gun if you have one. Or shoot it through a gun (or preval can) with a mixture of dye and denatured alcohol. But if your going to dye, I'd highly recommend using some sort of hard clear coat instead of oils.

go to stewmac.com for some dyes, I recomment the transtint dyes in the liquid form