Recently the man who introduced me to guitar started filtering his lessons to me. I really enjoy it but I want to make sure I'm going in the right direction with these new guitar players. So far I have two students and they're both in the 6th grade. I have taught them how to hold a pick, what a fret is, what the strings are and the basic chords (Em, D, G, A, Am, E, C). Now I'm going to let them get a little for comfortable with their chord changes and strumming along with the chord (just down strokes, just up strokes, up and down etc). After that I think it would be good for them to learn a song so they stay interested.
Both students are very different people though, so I thought Be Like That - 3 Doors Down would be a perfect beginner song (easy melody and the chorus uses the basic chords). For the other student (he's more an Avenge Seven Fold type) I thought I would teach him Back in Black - Ac/Dc and I would play the solo on electric while he did the rythm on acoustic. Is that too much for him? I know he won't be play shred anytime soon and I know Be Like That will bore him to death, but I'm afraid Ac/Dc is a little too hard?

Anyway any tips or suggestions would be awesome!
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i'd fish a little deeper, ask them what songs they'd like to be able to play one day and use that to figure something out and make compromises and goals perhaps.
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It might be to hard for him at first, but just tell him to practice it inbetween the time you're not practicing, he'll get it down. But I agree with Jones, see what music he likes.
well ya u gotta see what music hes into and then teach him sumthing like that, i dont think the kids gonna be playin A7X right off the bat, but Greenday(old) and Blink 182 have sum really easy catchy songs that he can play

also i would teach them palm muting if u havent already