I'm going to be replacing the speakers in my Laney cab with some Celestion Vintage 30's. It's a 4 x 12, but i'm wondering if it's possible to rewire the input so that I can either output to 1 speaker (which would be ideal for practise) and then all four for gigs and rehearsals.

Is this something feasable, not too difficult etc.
I think that somewhere you will have to put a switch on either the cab or head (when re-wired) to flick over to single or all 4 speakers. It can be done. Pretty easily actually. Just needs re-wiring. Just take it to a electrical shop or something and see what they say. But yeah it should be piece of piss!
I've been recommended of getting some sort of attenuator, but i've read up a bit on them and i'm not overly keen on the idea.

if it's not going to be too big a job i might try and do it myself
Alternatively, you could install a separate socket for the single speaker, though if the single speaker has a different impedance to all the four together (which will probably be 16 ohms - you can check it with a multimeter) you will have to make sure that your amp is set to the correct output impedance every time you connect them, the amp should be a bit quieter driving just the one speaker, though maybe not as much as you might think.
I've been borrowing a 1 x 12 cab off a friend and i've been able to play that at an acceptable level, so I was thinking if just one speaker can be wired it should be the same kinda thing.

The problem when i'm running the 4 x 12 is that because of the dimensions of my room it causes massive feedback, plus I can't drive the amp at a decent volume so everything lacks definition.

Plus my neighbours would probably kill me
You could always try to wire a kill switch along with another switch, though, i don't know how necessary the killswitch is. I called it a killswitch, but it's really a cutoff switch. Or if you used a 3pdt swich, you could do it all in 1 neat switch.
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Well that should do it then, and Whistler was right, you will need a switch to switch over to a separate circuit with just one speaker in it, if it's like the Marshall cab in the diagram below (series parallel) and all the speakers are 16 ohms anyway, you won't need to worry about changing the output impedance on your amp either, it might be best to get a professional to do it though, if you want a nice neat job that won't affect the resale value of the amp.

I would use one jack and a DPDT switch to do this.
I can make a diagram if you want.

Overall, an attenuator would be the best bet though.
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