my uncle told me that as a guitarist, i shouldn't carry heavy things because it'll cause my veins to slightly emboss.. and that i shouldn't play basketball because it'll make my fingers stiff.. a guitarist's hand is suppose to be like what i like to call, "spider fingers".. is it true?? and are there anymore precautions that you guys can share??
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Don't skate or Snowboard because if you fall one time and break something in the arm or the hand, it will never be like it was before.
Technically, don't get out of your seat or you could break your neck and never play guitar again.

Just don't do anything that won't strain or damage your hands and arms. The same you would do with anything.
Justice's avatar is the greatest!, look at the thing run!!. Anyways, I don't worry about it, I have never heard of not playing basketball or lifting big things, but I do both, I wouldn't worry about it.
ppl take that stuff a bit too seriously, do whateva feels right, if your connected enough with yourself you'll know. if something feels like it's being detrimental to guitar, listen to your body and take action. it takes a lot abuse to **** things up royally though, the body is suprisingly strong.
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it takes a lot abuse to **** things up royally though, the body is suprisingly strong.

It just takes one wrong ball (in the case of basketball) to break your finger.. Of course, chances are it won't happen, but do you want to take the risk?

My advice would be to be careful, but not paranoid. Don't go boxing or something like that, but don't stop with sports
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Mate i've been playing basketball for as long as i remember and I've broken my fingers so many times its not even funny. I've had no bad effects at all, as far as i know (maybe if i gave up basketball i'd be a regular jimi lol). As far as heavy lifting goes, the ladies love it. 'nuff said.
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When guitar becomes your full time profession, then start worrying about broken fingers.
I like elvenkindje's advice. Don't let guitar stop you from doing things you'd normally do, like basketball or lifting things. That said, picking up something unnecessarily dangerous to your treasured limbs such as boxing might be a bad call. Guitar playing is all heart anyway. Ever heard of Django Reinhardt? Two of his fingers were paralyzed, along with a one leg and he'd had most of his body burnt in a fire. He's still absolutely amazing.

Embossed veins? Why does that matter anyway? Excersize will help keep your tendons, heart, and body happy, and as a result will give you more motivation to play guitar and the ability to play it well.

If I only have to get one hand wet, I always use my non freting hand. Just a habit I got use to from my acoustic playing days.
i supose he thinks that you can become "muscle bound" when you work out and you wont be fast and or flexible. i play basketball and i workout with heavy weights 5 days a week. it hasnt affected my hands at all, except that they are stronger. i have know reason to believe that it will. of course though if you broke something thats different but from just doing those two things alone? i find that hard to believe.
actually i broke my pinky and cuz of the way it broke, it pushed it out a little bit and wide stretches are actually a little easier, so even the whole breaking thing isn't necessarily true (but i do NOT condone purposely trying to break your fingers cuz chances are this won't happen to you)