it didnt sound together
An interview with Kerry King:
"How do you feel about Slayer being recently voted by MTV as one of the top 10 heavy metal bands of all time?

I think that's awesome, I'm not a big fan of MTV and I think they suck but that's cool."
Thanks dude, I've always thought Bryan had a really kickass voice, and nobody here seems to appreciate screaming heh.

Tell me one thing...do you think the long clean part is a little too long? Our other guitarist and bassist think it is...but I personally love it, especially when we play shows with generic metalcore bands that just breakdown the whole time, really helps to stand out. What do you think?
The quality of the recording is pretty sub par. It sounds a bit messy, and the vocals are tad too screamo for my liking. It's alright.
Eh, it was ... idk.. Kind of Nu-Metal to the max / hardcore ish ? lol.. Not a big fan of that at all.. I like Trash so.. not my genre..
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