I saw this guitar I might want to buy and it has Jumbo Frets.
So, what is the difference between normal frets and jumbo frets?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of jumbo frets and how is the playability on the low frets? like 12-24?
With jumbo frets, you have more control over the strings, easier bends and vibratos. Its totally preference, some like medium, some large, some even scallop their neck + extra jumbo frets.
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Jumbo Frets are a bit wider than Regular Frets.

Jumbo's tend to make bending a bit easier than it normally would be, as they are wider tho it gives a bit less space between each fret (how much this effects playability is also down to scale length as well).

The differences between Jumbo and Regular Frets are really for you to decide, if you have never played a guitar with jumbo frets then you should get down a guitar shop and try for yourself before you buy anything.

I own guitars with both medium and jumbo and i dont really have a preferance, i find both have a good feel for me. I have friends who prefer regular and friends who prefer jumbo, so it really is a you decision
i dont like jumbo frets 2 big.
But they work quite well
Its just my opinion
Really I think jumbo frets are better suited for someone in a more leadguitar role, play solos, bending, adding accents.

Regular to Vintage work much better for chording, or rhythm guitar. If you have jumbo frets, it's a little harder to play a barre chords without the possibility of bending the strings, and putting the chord out of tune.