I was restringing my guitar and when I got to the low E-string I was dumb and forced the peg out. Now the peg won't stick in the hole at all, if I turn the guitar upside down it will fall out, so obviously it can't hold a string.

The really bad thing is I don't think it's the peg that's damaged. It looks fine and I tried using the peg from the A-string and it still falls out. However, it looks like a bit of wood has broken away from the top of the hole.

Does anyone have any ideas on how this might be repaired. Am I just going to have to replace the bridge?
Nothing is broken. It is possible that the guitar is getting a bit worn though.

1st off you need to be sure you are stringing it correctly. Did you know that the pin isn't actualy supposed to hold the string down and if the peg is holding the string down then you have strung your guitar wrong? Didn't think so.

Check out this page

He shows you the correct way to string your guitar. If that doesn't help then I want you to take a look at the bridge of the guitar he is working on. See the little notches that the strings rest in? You want to put those on your guitar too. Just get a coaping saw blade from the hardwear store and reach it in there and start cutting.
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.....Oh. Wow, I've been doing this wrong for years.

Thank you so much.
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This thread made me interested to see how I strung my guitar. So I loosened a few strings and put the camera in there..

They make pegs of different sizes. Go to a guitar shop (take your guitar w/you) and try a larger peg.
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