I have a problem with my high E string. It keeps sounding as if its muted but only
down at the 19 fret onward. but it only happens every so often. im tryin to learn the
enter sandman solo and it sounds horrible. i think its the string but im not sure... can any1 help me????
it could be that your action is to low and the note is fretting out at the higher frets. try raising your action slightly
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If your action isn't too low, and raising it doesn't fix the issue, you might wanna adjust your truss rod; take some of the bow out of it. maybe havin a guitar tech do it would be smart unless you're really confident in your ability to mess with the neck.
I restrung it the other day with different strings then i normally use and i didnt change anything except the strings!!!! i was wondering if it might be the nut as the strings are a different size.
When you change the string gauge, you also need to adjust the action as it will be slighty different from what it was with the previous strings. I doubt it would be anything to do with the nut, i would try raising the action a little on the high E side of the bridge.