I currently have a Yamaha EG112, and I'm looking for something more metal. I mainly listen to Black Label Society, System of A Down, Ozzy Osbourne, etc etc, and I was lookin for a guitar with good sustain and humbuckers (can't get any good sound in my pinch harmonics :P ). Oh, and it shouldn't cost more than 400 USD. Any advice is welcome
Why post that when he said not more than 400 usd???
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ah, but ESP OWN GIBSONS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Get him into blues. Lyrical depth-not so much. But it is groovy and it is black people's music so if he doesn't enjoy then he is not a true black person.

i think it depends on ur experience level. if ur looking for a hardcore guitar. get a gibson. but get it if ur gonna use it. i personally like fender. i paid 450 for mine but its beautiful. ill get pix
Should I wait and save up for a more expensive guitar like Gibson or ESP???