I'd love to learn this song. I'm struggling a lot with it though. Obviously, practice, but are there any techniques that I can practice that'll help me out on this song?
do chromatics(triplets) at a high tempo before u attempt the song, work on clarity and most of all enjoy the rhythm. me can jus play till the solo and me workin very hard on the accoustic lead done in the mid. i cud use sum tips as well
practice on ur alternate picking to play the intro properly, and also abit of sweep picking for the first electric solo...tats all i think..
holy wars uses alot of chromaticity (is there even such a word?). the intro and the verse to be more specific. so u shuld do the 1 2 3 4 fingering practice. a strong index, middle, ring and pinky is important. and speed is essential so learn it in slow time first. thats the only way u can build up ur speed. use pitch and tempo shifters to help with that. for the verse the palm muting can get tricky. again slow down to perfect it first. thats all for the first part. and alot of headbanging can help.

in punishment due there are alot of basic riffs that shouldnt be too hard to pick up. again play from slow to fast to perfect it. the solo requires marty-friedmanness that only practice would bring about. and finally listen to the song alot of times.