hey guys..
u know those humbuckers Select by EMG?What do you think of em?
I got a pair in one of my guitars..

so let me know

i find them muddy, stale, and crap. really and when coil splitted ugh cant talk much about it i just really dont like them at all that much but then again my set are pretty old
They're garbage.
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i really like them
the sound of em is really clear,distored and the clean sound is fine warm etc..

what dos the other think?¿
I have a pair of these in one of my cheaper guitars, and they arn't up to much at all. I'd look into getting a new guitar or new pickups if you are at all tone conscious.
ive played them, im not a fan of them really, they arent the worst thing out there, but they arent really that good either.
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Generic stock pickups, IMO.

Do you happen to have one of those "Axle Mayhem series" guitars or whatever?