I've always wanted to play guitar.

I finally bought a Jasmine S30 and been playing for one month.

Took one lesson so far.

Looking forward to learning more and more...

Congrats on the new purchase, stick with it through the frustration, it will pay off 100 fold in the end.

I'm new to chicago 2, make sure you to take advantage of all the shows that are always playing in the city. its ******* awesome!
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Thanks! I am going to take my time on this.

I usually get pissed if I'm not real good right away.

Patience is extremely important during the first year or so of learning to play. You're going to get frustrated because you can't seem to get things that you think should be easy. Your fingers are going to hurt. Sometimes you're going to feel like you aren't making any progress at all, but I assure you that you really are. Sometimes it just isn't noticeable immediately. Stick with it and you'll be really glad you did!

Also, welcome to UG.
^ Hear, hear.

Welcome brother/sister.
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Thanks guys!
EG544SC by Takamine
Jasmine S30 by Takamine

Acoustic all the way!.