Hi all,

Take a look at this Vintage


Im no expert on Acoustics, i spend most of my time in the electric forum and i know most pros and cons of how to spot quality and how to spot scams. But when it comes to Acoustics im a novice.

Anyway im seriously considering buying. Can a few of you please elabourate on this guitar, tell me is it worth the money, the tone i will get, what the action will be like, if you would buy it. If no one really objects to it and i recive good advice im going to purchase it tonight.

At the moment i have an old Yamaha FG from the 60s, the action is so high i cant barre past 5th without getting muscel spasms .

So please can you all help me out here, thanks alot.
meh, nothing special. probably a low action and decent sound. you'll get what you pay for.
dude its never a good idea to buy a guitar without playing it first, if you want an acoustic go down to your local guitar shop.
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I'm not a huge fan of the brand. They tend to sound thin to me. I think taylors sound thin too so take it for what it's worth. It should have pretty good action and it has a solid top. If you are spending less that $300 USD or 200 quid then anything with a solid top is usualy worth the money so if that is the one you want then go for it.
Not taking any online orders.
Cant, theres not a guitar shop close, the nearest is miles away. I have no choice but to go on reputation alone.

But hey, aslong as its better than my Yamaha im fine with it.
Do you know what model your Yamaha is? If it has a solid top, and its as old as you say it is, the guitar probably sounds wonderful...in most cases, action is something that can easily be fixed by a shop tech for not very much money. Here, I can get a guitar setup for around $50...i'm not sure if there is a difference or not in the UK.

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I agree that Vintage Yamaha's were very good guitars. But the high action is a symptom that they universally seem to have. I have a 70's vintage FG 340 that I call my "poor man's Martin". Fantastic tone, but an action that higher than I like for up-neck picking. Luithiers I've contacted have said it's caused by a weak design neck/body joint and that costly neck re-set is about all that can repair it. A $50. adjustment helped some and just use it for songs w/basic chords.
As for what to buy. How much you wanna spend and what kind of tone are you looking for? If you're not sure of what kind of tone you want, tell us who your favorite acoustic pickers are and what brand of guitar they play.
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well £130 max is what i have to spend, to be honest im not looking for an amazing acoustic tone, just a guitar that i can play and enjoy. i think the Vintage is good for what it is, a multi purpose acoustic. I djust generally like it to play round freinds, bring it to places, i dont want an acoustic thats crucial to the music i play.

what do you guys think?

Also my yamaha is an FG-140, solid top? what do you mean?
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Solid Top means that the Top (soundboard) is made of solid piece of wood rather than laminate (plywood).
Can you tell me how your 130 translates into in American dollars?
1/2 my brain tied behind my back, just to make it fair.
130 x approx. 1.7 = $221

Although guitars cost alot more here as everything is taxed higher. Also yes the yamaha is a solid top.
OK. I know nothing of the brand you've mentioned, so I can't say yea or nay on it.
But I noticed your guitar shop carries Epiphone and Takamine.
IMO if you just want a cheap/yet reasonable quality acoustic, both these makes have guitars in your price range. Taks tend to have very brite tone. Epiphones has a deeper "gibson'ish tone. I recently helped a friend select an Epiphone DR-150 that IMO is an excellent value at $139. US (GC price).
Do they sell Washurn guitars in England? The D-10 at $199. US (MF price) w/solid top is a good value.
1/2 my brain tied behind my back, just to make it fair.
Everything looks to be in pretty good order with that guitar. I can't say for certain as I've never played one and I've never played anything by that brand, but that's just because of lack of availability around here I suppose. If you're pretty set on buying that guitar, I say go for it. It actually seems to have better features than the average acoustic-electric in that price range. Sometimes this translates to a guitar that is very poorly constructed, but if Cord says it's comparable to Takamine, then you should be fine in that price range. Let us know how it turns out!