i know that raising the action on the guitar makes it harder to play. i'm getting fretbuzz from my low strings, so i raised the action a bit on the low side (so now my high strings are closer than my low strings to the fretboard). is there any big disadvantage to this? as in, should it affect my playing at all AND/OR is it bad for my guitar?
what guitar are you playing? if say your higher strings are closer to the fretboard than your low, when you're doing note bends, you'll find your fingers slipping underneath the lower strings which isnt too pretty. that's all i can think of, it is ideal to keep the action even on all 6 i'm sure
i play an ibanez sz520; factory settings on it have the low strings a bit higher than the high ones already (i think high strings are 1.0 mm and low are 1.5 mm away).

my fingers go under the low strings when i bend a g every so often, but it's very rare and doesnt seem to affect my playing.
No it shouldn't be bad for it but meh, if it's only on one side, then check it's not relief or tension on the neck that's causing the problem.
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