Right to cut to the chase i just was tuning my bass UP to play deftones but because im an idiot i tuned it too tight and my D string snapped. Can i buy Bass strings separate or do i have to buy them in a pack and if you can buy them separate how much are they.

Help much appreciated i need to get it restrung by thurs because i have an audition.

Also how much is a standard case?

thanks alot!!!

I doubt you can buy them seperate, but I would just buy a new pack and restring the whole thing, it shouldn't cost to much, maybe like 10 dollars
for one, what sound do you want? Sits, Peaveys, and Hartkes are good for alot, but shine in funk, except that peaveys break too much. Rotosounds are more expensive, and have a really clean sound once you wear them down a bit. But ive seen singles go from 3 to 11 dollars, and sets from 15 to 50 sollars, so it really spends on you. I always buy a set because I can't stand it when 1 string sounds different from the rest.
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you can buy separate guitar strings from stores so i don't see why bass would be any different. And are you asking about a hard or a soft case?! Hmm you could probably get a soft case for about 20 quid, but hard cases are pretty expensive, a 2nd hand one is probably the way to go but even then they can be pricey as they last for ages! good luck with the audition.