I like it!!! Ive been trying to learn that tune myself but i'm not that good lol!! You have a pretty good voice too although you may not be able to reach the highs of Thom Yorke (but many probably cant, and I defo cant coz I cant sing lol).

What sort of acoustic and amp are you using, it sounds beautiful!

Keep up the good work dude!!
By the way, which ones Pink?
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nice voice man, i really like that song your version is fantastic
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This is the smartest question ever posted in the pit. I commend you.

I asked about theory of reality and this is what someone said to me!
Cool!! You really have a good voice, and you guitar sounds great, just a suggestion: Try to sing lauder i'm sure if u do this u'll see how nice it will became.

sorry for my bad bad bad english
I love this song. Nice job!

It's not as good as Radiohead but i prefer it to that Jamie Cullum dude (I think he covered this...) I'm gonna have to finish learning this song!
Hey it's just some cheap guitar I got here in Singapore and there's no pick up, I just put it really close to my mic to drown out all other kinds of noise