I saw on craigslist that someone who lives in my neighborhood is selling an Aslin Dane amp, model AD-25R. I know that it is a 25-watt ss amp, 10" speaker, has built in reverb and has an effects loop. Anyone have any experience with these? I'm currently playing through an old Kustom 10-watt practice amp (KA-10) that I picked up for $10. I would consider picking up the Aslin Dane to get something with more head space.

Also, I recently bought a Zoom G2.1u multi-fx pedal, and I'm wondering what is the difference between just running the pedal directly to the amp's input and using the effects loop? My current amp doesn't have an effects loop, so this might be another reason to consider the AD.

You won't need to use an effects look for a multi FX, they sound better through the front of the amp.

I'm guessing that amp won't be great though, it's just a cheap SS amp.
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