I might be getting this guitar because the U.S. Navy is going to pay for my college. I was wondering if this guitar is worth it? Now that a lot of financial pressure has been eased I was going to get it. I'm a big Vai fan.

On a side note, where can I find a tab of Halo Mjolnir Mix by Vai?
For the guitar, if you like Vai's sound and want to play his music (like I want to, but can'r afford a JEM), then I believe it's great.

If you want to play shred/virtuoso guitar in general, it's also very good.
I wouldn't have been able to either, if I hadn't run into some unexpected "income." Thanks though.
Yes its really great. its got great tone, comfortable, very good trem pluss its vai's guitar

But i dont mean to make you out as a bad player but can you play well.

what i mean by that is, can you play anything without any excess noise, very accurately and fast and slow. you see the EVO pups are great but not for beginners. i dont even think they good for intermediate players.

I played on a JEM7V in a shop and all the guys there thought what is this **** player doing with that guitar. it hough i couldnt play or something and when i got home and played my SZ i sounded fine.

Bottom line is that you have to be good to use the pickups. other than that, i think its one of the best guitars out there
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