I am making the move from acoustic to electric guitar and am not totally familiar with the reasonably priced pro gear out there.

I seem to like 1 guitar and 2 amps in my price range and would like to know the pro's and con's of each one?

Schecter C1 Classic

amps -

Line 6 flextone III 2X12 XL

Marshall MG 250 DFX 2X12

I can get the Schecter C1 Classic+hardcase and the Line 6 III with tax for $1,450
Schecter C1 Classic+hardcase and the Marshall MF w/tax for $1,250

Is this the best price I can get for this new equipment at my local music store with tax?

Can you recommend any other equipment in the same price range and why?

Thank you for your input!
Jay Lyons
I dont care what you get but if its solid state and has marshall or line6 written on it, Steal it, Burn it, Thrown it down a well and then blow up the well.
Please don't get that Marshall, it's terrible, really.

So what's your exact budget for the guitar, and then for the amp?

And for both guitar and amp, go to a shop and try a load out and see what you think.
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Can you convert that total budget and the price of the Schecter into british punds and then i can help you.
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*thustly, he quickly takes a dump on the MG series*
1,500.00 USD
United States Dollars

Converts to

788.831 GBP
United Kingdom Pounds

That's my budget for guitar and amp

lol he narrowed his amps down to a line6 and a marshall mg...

what kind of music do you like?
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Hmm lets call it £800. Would you consider maybe a different guitar?

And what style of music do you play/like?
Ya, I am not married to the idea of a Schecter Guitar. It just seems The C1 Classic has the best quality hardware for the money. Here are some specs -

BODY: Mahogany w/ Quilted Maple
NECK/FINGERBOARD: Multi-Ply Maple & Walnut/Rosewood
FRETS: 24 Jumbo
INLAYS: ?Vine of Life?
PICKUPS: Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4)
& Jazz (SH-2n)
ELECTRONICS: Vol/Tone/5-Way Mega
BRIDGE: TonePros TOM w/ thru-body
BINDING: Creme (neck/headstock)
TUNERS: Grover
HARDWARE: Satin Gold

The True Duncan Pickups and Neck-Thru are sweet and only avaiable on the Classic.

I like to play alterantive (oasis. Nirvana, ect.. ) but would like to be able to play chruch music and jazz on the same guitar if possible?

Thank you,
Here's the best price I can find for each individual item -

Schecter C1 Classic -$639

Line 6 flextone III 2x12 - $649

Marshall 250 DFX 2x12 - $499

I am open to any other suggestions for amps too!

buy a 700 or so dollar tube amp, and then a nice guitar with the 800 left...

edit: fender should be able to cover those genres

and as for the amp how bout a hotrod deluxe or deville?
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