Here is a list of guitars i am thinking about getting:

epiphone les paul classic
epiphone les paul zakk wylde custom
epiphone g-400 fender mexican strat
fender mexican tele

I play alot of punk (rise against, anti-flag, nofx, offspring, blink 182) and some metal (trivium, bfmv, metallica) and nirvana.

Which of these guitars is best for what i play and what other guitars should i concider??
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stop with the (invader fitted), its total shiite

outta those, mmmmmmmmmm hard

mex. strat, still crap
Play them all, decide for yourself.
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There aren't many guitar shops where i live so i can't try them all, i have to either get the shop to order them or get them off the internet
les paul?

whats up with invaders? Ive never heard of them before. . .
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ok first off dont limit yourself to punk ( ie dont fit an invader)... you might want to achieve different tones later... by the way what amp do you have

and the g-400 would be my choice out of those
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i agree with the no invader opinions.. jst sounds like mud
personally i find the fender necks easier to play but its up to u i guess
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