Hey guys,

I'm saving up for a new amp now, (plus pedals or whatever) and wanted some advice. When done saving in a year or so, I should have around £1000 (around $1800).

I play a lot of stuff, but the OVERDRIVE I absolutely *adore* is that of Jesse Lacey of Brand New, especially on the good ol' "Favourite Weapon" album. I know Jesse swaps tubes in amps like a demon, and uses a barrage of pedals, but I was wondering if anyone could set me along the right lines of what generally I should be looking at, and suggestions on amps, pedals etc.

Here's a clip:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfsZJ33fK4A (Jesse plays rhythm not lead, for those not acquainted with Brand New).

As far as I'm aware Jesse uses a Matchless Chieftan with a THD Hot Plate, with a bunch of pedals. I don't know much about Matchless, but from the sound of the album, it sounds like it's really a vintage bluesy amp, just driven and pedall-ed to hell... Which I like.

In essence, I think I'm looking for a way to take a really bassy, thick sound and just drive it and drive it. I like the edge of this tone, instead of using a high-gain amp, where the distortion is saturated... Would I be right in assuming that what I want is Overdrive rather than Distortion, just taken to an extreme?

If so, what amps/pedals do ya recommend?

Sorry to write an essay here hehe, all help GREATLY appreciated...

I think Ian D'Sa from Billy Talent's custom-made Stephenson amp is a souped up blues amp too... So it's not an uncommon occurence,...
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