Hey everyone, I have three guitars - a 72 Fender Jazzmaster, Epiphone SG 310 and an Aria Strat Copy. Now what I want to do is buy a cheap guitar and mod it, it sounds easy but I really wanted a strat in Surf Green, now I only know for sure that you can get this colour on a 52 Fender Strat but that means spending out £300+ and I dotn really wanna do that because if I did spend that much I wouldnt wanna damage it or destroy it whilst customizing it. So I guess Id be looking at Strat Copys in Surf Green, im quite sure Squier dont do Strats in Surf Green so thats eliminated, unless someone can confirm they do. So what other brands should I consider when looking at a cheap Strat Copy in Surf Green?

Also, would it be with fitting it with Duncans and all that? Will the guitar be a lost cause etc?
Also, a Strat designed guitar has three single coils most of the time, would I be able to fit humbuckers or P90s onto it?