currently i have a fender squire. basically i bought the strat pack a while ago, i was told it was good for when you are starting out. anyways, it comes with a squire and a small basic amp.

anyways, ive been playing for about 8 or 9months, for about 2 to 3 hours a night. ( i really enjoy playing it) so, ive gotten reletivatly good in a shorter amount of time then most. at least thats what ive been told.

anyways. the time has come for me to get a new guitar, something that sounds good aswell as fixes my current issue. currently my problem is, i have larger hands i guess you could say, and towards the nut end of the guitar i find it more difficult to get certain strings/chords without touching other strings. not neccessarily because i am a newer player, but becuase like i said i have larger hands/fingers making it more difficult. i have been told this is a somewhat common problem and you can get guitars that have a wider neck making it easier to play for people with bigger hands. im hoping this is true.

so my question is, for those of you that are more experienced, which kinda of guitar would be a good choice over my current fender squire. ive been looking at epiphone's. mainly i like the horn look, aswell as ive been told they are awesome sounding guitars, but dont cost as much as a gibson would.

i know i could just go to a shop and try some out, but i would like to go in there with some sort of direction. anwyas, thoughts..ideas?
sounds like you can realy go wrong whith an epiphone les paul.
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Try a shecter hellraiser their pretty good, or a squire telly if you like a warm fuzzy noise.
Try lookin on GAK.com.
What's your budget? What kind of music do you play? What amp do you have?

This info helps us give decent recommendations
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ok, dont dump the squire any way, have you ever heard of a man named jimi hendrix, he had larger hands too, so look him up and try make the best of having large hands rather then seeing it as a guitar plying handi cap. with practice you will play a strat neck with ease, i have really long fingers so a strat neck suits me perfectly because its so easy to play, same on bass with me too. anyway, go for an epiphone, the les pauls have a slightly wider neck, and the tone wil kick the **** out of your squier, sg may do well too, try them both out and see what happens, those guitars cant do you wrong, they are safe bets, but think about upgrading your amp too, because im guessing you have a 15wattfender frrontman, poo, get something better, i cant advise you waht because i play a weird old 90s fender hybrid amp which you wouldnt be able to find, and a roland cube, which i would reccomend, tis a good one, anyway, thats my very long two cents
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sounds like youve got an affinity stratocaster, which has a neck width of 1.61". This is pretty small for anyone whose hit puberty and wants to play something more complicated than a power chord. A squier standard and fender mexis has a nut width of 1.65" which actually makes a big difference, and most american fenders and gibsons and epis have a nut width of 1.6875". This sounds like a small difference, but it really allows for much more room between the strings making it easier for chords and bending. anyway, you should walk into a store and try out a bunch of different ones. if youre not looking to spend a whole lot i would suggest the epi g-400 (like an sg) or a fender mexi strat. both are solid guitars for around 400 new.
ya i was looking at the g400's. i have like a $400-$500 budget on the guitar.

amp wise, im really not sure what i should get. nor what a good amount to spend is to get a decent one. any help there would be good. and i know its a pain, but any links to sites that show me what you are talking about when you list model numbers would be awesome.