I'm getting an electric (after only playing acoustic) and planning on spending about 500-700 dollars on the guitar and maybe 200-300 on the amp ( I just want a small amp for playing at home).

Some of you may have seen that you can get a gibson les paul and pay it off for a year w/out interest from guitar center so my question is this. is the different in quality between 700 and 1200 big enough that I should I spring for a more expensive guitar (provided I like the Gibson Les Paul the best)? I don't want to buy a middle priced guitar and then 3 years from now just go buy an expensive one when I could have done that in the first place for a better deal.

Let me know what you think.
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try 700-1000 is your budget?

buy a fender hot rod deluxe (in love with this amp but cant buy it atm)

and then use the rest on an electric
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my budget has room to change, my main question is whether or not there is a big quality difference between a 700 dollar guitar and a gibson les paul. I haven't played many yet, but I've heard great things about the gibson so want to know if in the long run its worth spending more.
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spend half on the amp and half on the guitar, you'll thank yourself for it, I promise. You're amp is much more crucial to you tone.
what music do you play? and id say spend more on the amp for sure it contributes most to your sound then buy a middle ground guitar and mod it like hell and you probably will love it too death
I play alot of different kinds or at least like to. Classic Rock, Alternative, Blues. but I'm not getting it for any live performing or anything, just playing around my own place, so I want a good quality amp but it won't be large at all. I also don't have the space for a big amp and from what I've found the smaller ones are around 300 at most, but I haven't looked to thoroughly
I'm the brains behind Jesse and the Rippers
ummm Fender Blues Junior or a Vox Valvetronix for the amp just choose which ever one you feel that you deserve.